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Refferral Scheme

We hope our clients are happy with the service that we provide. We are working hard behind the scenes to introduce lots of new features to help you and your business.


In the meantime why not recommend us to your friends and colleagues?

If one of your friends or colleagues become our client we will send you a cheque for £100 or credit against your future bills. There is no limit to the number of referrals so email us today, or ask your friend to contact us directly quoting your name. Terms and Conditions:

The referral scheme is open to fully paid up clients of KNBC Accounting Ltd only.


No referral fees will be paid to clients who have not  maintained their fees or are no longer clients of KNBC Accounting Ltd.

Upon payment of the first monthly fee, a cheque for £100 will be issued or credited to your account. In the instance of a person being referred by more than one KNBC Accounting client, the person who referred first will receive the payment.

The recommendation fee will only be paid to clients if the referral is new to KNBC Accounting Ltd. If they have been previously referred, or have contacted KNBC Accounting Ltd directly, this would not be considered as a referral.

By providing contact details for the referral, you are confirming that the referral has agreed to be contact by KNBC Accounting Ltd to discuss accountancy services. If the referral does not wish to be contacted by us, please pass on our details and request them to contact us directly quoting your name.

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