All our clients are advised to provide the following documents on monthly/quarterly basis (depending on the individual agreement) for current bookkeeping and accounting work.

1. Business bank accounts statements and business credit card statements;

2. Sales invoices (if raised independently), credit notes, payment/remittance advices;

3. Purchase invoices and receipts;

4. Mileage book for clients using private cars;

5. Subsistence schedule (days at work);

6. Copies of all correspondence from/to HMRC and Companies House;

7. Other relevant documents;

All clients are advised to use the dedicated email address for sending copies of sales invoices – and/or other paperwork to to receive automated confirmation of delivery.

For more information please contact us at 02034755561.

Expenses Monthly (helpful excel spreadsheet).

Mileage and Subsistence Monthly (helpful excel spreadsheet).

VAT Invoice Template 1 (helpful excel spreadsheet).

VAT Invoice Template 2 (helpful excel spreadsheet).

VAT Invoice Template 3 (helpful excel spreadsheet).

VAT Invoice Template 4 (helpful excel spreadsheet).

Invoice Template (helpful excel spreadsheet).

Open Office (free MS Office equivalent i.e. Excel and Word).

PDF Reader (free Adobe PDF reader)

PDF Creator (free PDF file printer – print to PDF instead on paper and attach to emails).

KNBC Clients Referral Scheme (£50 Referral Scheme details and Terms & Conditions)


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